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The Doctor, Doctor Show

Discussing relevant, health-related topics from an authentically Catholic perspective.


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August 12, 2022

Episode #277 – Medical Missions: Giving Sight to the Blind

Dr. Cathy Schanzer talks about how she started a medical mission program to offer ophthalmology services to people in Sierra Leone, Africa. She talks about the most common needs of…
August 5, 2022

Episode #276 – Dementia: The Latest in Prevention and Treatment

Neurologist Dr. Leah Acosta, specializing in neurodegenerative disorders, shares the latest research about dementia, how to recognize symptoms, ethical and effective treatments, best chances for prevention, and more. Top 3…
July 29, 2022

Episode #275 – Responding to Same-Sex Attraction

Fr. Philip Bochanski, executive director of Courage International, talks about same sex attraction, what the Catholic Church does and does not teach about homosexuality, ways to accompany people in the…
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What is Doctor, Doctor?

Imagine having all the time you wanted with a trusted doctor.
What would you ask?

Doctor, Doctor is a weekly radio show that informs, educates, and evangelizes through joy-filled, engaging, data-driven interviews and discussions, helping you live a more abundant life.

What we’re talking about

From birth to death and from head to toe, we cover everything medical that’s in the news and on your mind.

Who we’re talking with

Have you ever struggled to find reliable medical information online? Does Dr. Google let you down? We interview trustworthy experts to help pull back the curtain on difficult medical topics.

How we start the conversation

We’re doctors, but we’re also people like you. Our show gives listeners an insider‘s perspective into the world of medicine while we discuss healthcare topics through the lens of our faith.

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Meet the Doctors

Three doctors.
One goal: to serve you.

Hosted by three award-winning doctors from Northeastern Indiana, our hope is to provide you with a trustworthy platform for medical information and advice from a Catholic perspective.

Dr. Tom McGovern

Dr. McGovern is a dermatologist, specializing in Mohs and reconstructive procedures, as well as a speaker and author.

Dr. Chris Stroud

Dr. Stroud, an OB/GYN specializing in NaProTECHNOLOGY, operates the Fertility and Midwifery Care center, as well as the only independent birth center in Fort Wayne.

Dr. Andrew Mullally

Dr. Mullally practices at Credo Family Medicine, an independent, faith-based family practice, and takes an active interest in pro-life political advocacy.

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