Dr. Rusty Chavey, president of Emmaus Health and professor at University of Michigan Medical School, talks about his own experience owning a practice and having to manage employees during the coronavirus crisis, and Dr. Chavey’s son Will Chavey, an MBA student at Harvard University, talks about how he is working with his classmates to help people with small businesses during this pandemic.

Please note: The advice offered in this podcast is for general informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal or accounting advice for any particular matter. The opinions expressed represent a best effort to articulate personal experience and an individual reading of the Treasury and SBA guidance regarding the CARES act, but the situation is evolving and individual circumstances tend to be somewhat unique. Each small business should consult with their lender, accountant, or attorney to assess the risks around loan forgiveness and the appropriate best path forward. Will is a student at Harvard Business School and the views he expressed are his own, and are not in any way meant to represent the official view of Harvard Business School.

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