Infectious disease specialist Dr. Paul Carson and critical care pulmonologist Dr. Eustace Fernandes give and update on the COVID-19 pandemic. They talk about what’s happening with the delta variant, evidence on vaccine safety and efficacy, and what doctors have learned about how to treat COVID through the last 18 months.

Top 3 Take-Aways:
1. The COVID-19 pandemic is not over, and it will probably get worse this Fall and Winter. Brace yourself, and act accordingly.
2. The vaccines are effective for preventing hospitalization and death. It’s safer to get the vaccine than COVID.
3. As we’re trying to figure out the best approaches and policies, remember to act with charity. Not everything is clear cut, but the disease is the enemy.

Other references:
Pope Francis in “Unity Across the Americas | COVID-19 Vaccine Education
CDC Vaccine Statistics
COVID-19 SeroHub (How Many Have Had COVID Already?)
CDC: What You Need to Know about Variants
Covid: More cases but fewer deaths in third wave (UK data)
Vaccine Effectiveness on Variants


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