First, physician assistant Megan Kreft from Portland, OR talks about how she found a place to practice medicine and honor her conscience after she was fired for her religious beliefs.

Then Louis Brown, J.D., Executive Director of Christ Medicus Foundation and former HHS Office of Civil Rights official, joins the doctors to talk about the importance of religious freedom for healthcare providers and how CMF Curo works to educate lawmakers to understand and uphold conscience rights.

And finally, Dr. Stephen White, the chair of Healthcare Policy for the Catholic Medical Association, talks about how the CMA advocates for healthcare providers.

Top 3 Take-Aways for Skin Care:
1. Religious freedom is the freedom to love.
2. Know your rights as medical professionals.
3. Live out your Catholic faith through your healthcare decisions. We can evangelize through the way we live, including our healthcare.

Other resources:
Megan Kreft’s previous episode: DD #178 Fired for Acting Too Catholic? Patient Autonomy vs. Provider Conscience
CMF Curo


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