Our resident OBGYN Dr. Chris Stroud answers questions, including the ones you didn’t know you had, about birth options and birth plans. He explains when a hospital birth might be best for mother and/or baby, the advantages of free-standing birth centers, natural labor and pain management options, water birth, homebirth, midwives, doulas, and more.

Plus, hear the amazing (and hilarious) story of a married couple – two physicians – who had an unplanned car birth last Thanksgiving.

Suggested Resources:
Holy Family Birth Center Resources
Birth Matters
Cynthia Gabriel Books

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Needing a very long birth plan might be a sign you should be finding a provider you’re more comfortable with.
  2. When you have a normal pregnancy and you’re healthy, all the options are available.
  3. “Choice without full information is no choice at all.” -Dr. Marsden Wagner



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