Psychiatrist Dr. Francie Broghammer talks about postpartum mood disorders, what causes them, warning signs and symptoms to look for, and how medication and support structures can help.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. If something persists beyond about two weeks, that probably signals something else is going on. Extreme thoughts – suicidal, homicidal, etc. – are also big red flags.
  2. The reality is: sometimes we need medications. Like a cast on a broken bone that stays on long enough to heal.
  3. With therapy, better can be the enemy of good. You just need to go! Maybe the first try will be terrible, try someone else. The lack of a perfect counselor shouldn’t be an obstacle to getting help.
  4. BONUS: Make a postpartum depression plan! What should I watch for? Who do I call? What do I say? What are the resources we can lean on?


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