In the first of our two part series on embryo adoption, Bioethicist Fr. Ryan McCarthy discusses the arguments in favor of embryo adoption as morally licit and even an opportunity for justice toward the unborn embryos leftover from in vitro fertilization.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Embryo adoption has not been condemned by the Catholic Church.
  2. His pro-embryo adoption position is that the marital act has not been violated by embryo adoption because the baby already exists.
  3. Some people who struggle with embryo adoption have a poor understanding of adoption, but adoptive children and parents are not second-class versions of natural parents and children.

Other resources:
Fr. Ryan McCarthy’s Book: What to Do with the Least of Our Brothers?: Finding Moral Solutions to the Problem of Endangered Embryos
National Catholic Bioethics Center – Human Embryo Adoption: Biotechnology, Marriage, and the Right to Life
DD #265 – In Vitro Fertilization: Science and Morality
DD #27 – Embryo Adoption (Fr. McCarthy’s original episode)


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