In the second of our two part series on embryo adoption, Dr. Irene Alexander discusses the arguments against the morality of embryo adoption, digging into the details of the Church’s teaching on procreation and what makes embryo adoption different from IVF and post-birth adoption.

Top 3 Takeaways:

  1. Agency is important to consider in moral questions. Who is the agent for the action? 
  2. Look at the primary texts, do your own research!
  3. Embryo adoption is an unnatural situation, so the Church will take its time considering the options and the possible solutions to respect life and natural law.

Other resources:
Donum vitae (On Respect for Human Life), Document from the Vatican considering IVF, embryo adoption, and more

DD #298 – Embryo Adoption Part 1: Pro
DD #265 – In Vitro Fertilization: Science and Morality
DD #27 – Embryo Adoption (Fr. McCarthy’s original episode)


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