Medical student Brendan Rhatican is back to tell us about his second year of medical school: what he’s learning, how things have changed, how he having a family with school and studying, and more. Plus he share his new project to help Catholic medical professionals make tough ethical decisions the Catholic Medical Conscience App.

Catholic Medical Conscience App:

DD #30 – Confessions of a Catholic Medical Student: Year One

Also in this episode: Background Info (01:00) – Drs. McGovern and Mullally talk about what it’s like to be a doctor today, Dr Mullally’s own experience of medical school, and what the admissions process is like. Back to Balance: The Art, Science, and Business of Medicine (

Medical Trivia (Answer at 42:20) – There are currently over 91,000 medical students at 175 medical schools in the United States, for an average of 131 students per class and 520 students per school. What is the largest single campus medical school in the United States? How many enroll in each class? BONUS: Which medical school has the most medical students?

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