• Diana Marcela Herrera says:

    Thank you very much for these useful information for the healing of the mind with a spiritual approach.

  • Gary Dingman says:

    found a radio station while on vacation on the west coast and listened to Are Humans Worst for the environment
    found it to be brilliant , returned from vacation and had to google for more info on your Doctordoctor
    thanks so much for being a great voice

  • Marta Dee says:

    Hello, Was unfortunate that your pharmacist guest recommends ibuprofen over other available meds, especially without clarifying that long-term use is very hard on the kidneys, particularly in diabetics whose kidneys are at risk anyway. ..Longterm ibuprofen use is not good. Please do not make assertions without also qualifying certain issues around those assertions. I think she probably meant to but I don’t remember that coming across. So I’m going to relisten to it again. However, listeners are going to run with that (limited) advice and possibly be harmed.
    Also, thanks for explaining to take aspirin on a full stomach as I did not know that; now I do!
    Thank you.

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